A new state initiative will target families questioning COVID-19 vaccines, and all immunizations.

"Let's Get Immunized NY" is a new campaign to answer questions about coronavirus vaccines due to arrive this month.

What You Need To Know

  • New York State id launching "Let's Get Immunized NY" campaign

  • The State Academy of Family Physicians is leading effort to cut through social media, politics of vaccine debate

  • Doctor-patient relationships are key to reaching families about science of vaccines

A website filled with updated information on immunizations for COVID-19, and other long-standing vaccines, will provide science developed by health leaders and other organizations partnering in the effort, including public safety and social justice groups.  

It will be introduced to families in the doctor's office. Physicians, including those linked to Rochester Regional Health, believe the physician-patient relationship could determine whether the campaign makes an impact.

"If I sit there and say 'I think this is a vaccine that's worth pursuing. I think it's better for your health, your community's health, your neighbor's health, your family health,  then I think we get by it," said Dr. Geoffrey Ostrander.

The effort arrives as immunization rates have declined during the effort and the public is flooded with information, for and against vaccines, including those that are pending to address COVID-19.

"If we can bypass some of the social media, larger network-type stuff- that really highlights some key points that don't really suit the ground-level information we're trying to convey, I think that's really where the message gets conveyed.

The New York State Academy of Family Physicians is leading the effort. The campaign's website is expected to go online shortly.