Hundreds of people turned out at the former Medley Centre in Irondequoit for a free milk and food giveaway on Tuesday. 

 The event was supposed to start at 11 a.m., but kicked off at 10:30 because of the crowd.

Through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, government-funded grants, and the American Dairy Association, more than 4,000 of milk, and 43,000 pounds of food were available for families in need. Everything from meat, to fruits and vegetables was available. 

A group of hardworking volunteers directed traffic and tried to keep things running smoothly. The long line of cars not only filled the parking lot, but stretched onto Ridge Road and the highway.

At one point the parking lot to the mall was closed because so many people came. Eventually the lot was reopened after the dairy association said it had additional supplies.

The giveaway lasted until the supply ran out.

The spirit of giving uplifted a community in these challenging times.  

A similar event was held last month, but this time meat, produce, and additional dairy items were also made available.