A camp for the visually impaired is kicking off its 25th annual year starting Sunday. Camp Abilities gives the visually impaired the opportunity to get some physical exercise.

This year, instead of being at the College at Brockport, Camp Abilities has gone virtual. And to help campers be prepared, they received a 'Camp Abilities In-A-Bag,' which was filled with sports equipment, specially designed for the visually impaired. 

"And one parent thanked us profusely for the bag of equipment and she said the kids not only get to use all this different equipment during the week of camp, but their entire family can now play sports with their child, who's blind, all year," Dr. Lauren Lieberman, Camp Abilities director, says.

Students are split up into four different teams that are coached by volunteers.

The 2020 Camp Abilities runs until July 3.