Foodlink is making some changes to its summer meal program to reach more children during the pandemic.

Grab-and-go meal options are available. Parents can pick up meals without children present to help with social distancing, and there are also more mobile meal options available due to the cancellations of so many summer schools and camps.

The program is teaming up with RTS to deliver meals to certain areas that did not have an established summer meals site.

Foodlink partners with the City of Rochester and its school district to provide hundreds of thousands of summer meals to kids.w that park over there or I see a kid over here.’ WE are going to stop the vehicle, have a conversation and get people excited about having a meal,” said Gruber.

“To see people smile,” said youth Foodlink volunteer Irvin Williams, “it makes me feel happy. One day, I had a lady cry, told me how she appreciated it. I felt like I was doing something right.”

This service, going a long way, is taking place all summer long.