The town of Webster and Monroe County Legislator Matthew Terp organized a food donation drive Saturday. 

Volunteers from the HOPE ministry in Webster had their hands full sorting through the food and supplies donated from the community. They received everything from pasta to canned goods and even diapers. 

"We've had a fantastic response to the items that we had high needs for: diapers and laundry soap, so it's nice to have our coffers refilled," said Margery Morgan, director of the HOPE ministry. 

More than 300 cars came through the Holy Trinity Church parking lot dropping off supplies for the drive. Donors wanted to make sure they gave items that are in demand. 

"Lots of cereal, because we know all the kids are home right now, and moms and dads are in need of some kids cereal. I had some neighbors who also contributed to the bags that I brought," said Diane Britton, a Webster resident who donated some items. 

Terp heard firsthand from his constituents the need for a food drive in Webster. 

"Some people are without paychecks right now so to make sure we have these shelves filled with food to give to our neediest right her in our own community is extremely important," said Terp. 

In place for more than 20 years, HOPE ministry remains committed to making sure anyone who needs supplies has them to get through the pandemic. 

"People are coming to us that have never had to come to a food pantry before. And that's so different. And we want to be welcoming for that. Times are really hard right now. So we want to help our neighbors," said Morgan.