Traffic is flowing again after another water main break on East Avenue in Rochester. It's the third water main break in the city in less than a week.

The section of East Avenue near Stillson Street was closed all day on Sunday while crews made repairs. There is still some work to be completed but the street is open.

Another stretch of East Avenue, near Wegmans, was impacted by a water main break last Wednesday. It caused traffic delays for many and disruptions in water service to some nearby businesses.

The third water main break happened on St. Paul Street at Mortimer Street on Friday. It caused significant damage to the street.

City spokeswoman Carlet Clare says Rochester’s underground infrastructure is in good standing and there is no cause for concern.

“According to the American Water Works Association, the standard for water main breaks is 15 breaks per 100 miles. The national average is 27 breaks per 100 miles, and the city of Rochester is at 10,” Clare said.

City officials say the water main break near Wegmans was caused by a contractor who accidentally hit a fire hydrant, resulting in pressure in the water main line.

Temperature, pressure changes, and the condition and age of pipes are all factors in why water mains break.

“When the temperature is cool; the ground gets colder,” said Clare. “Sometimes that causes the ground to shift. These pipes, depending on their age, depending on whether the water inside is cool; that also can possibly contribute to a water main break.”

The City of Rochester says it has a plan in place and is prepared to maintain its water system.

“There’s a program that will assess, repair and replace the water line infrastructure and all of that is included in the city budget; in its capital improvement plan.”

Repairs have been made at all locations and all three areas are back open to traffic.