Water Street Music Hall owner for 28 years Peter Sewell is back and breathing new life into the building.

Jack's on Water Street⁠— named after his rescued pit bull Jack⁠— opened its doors Friday, letting the owner fulfill his dream of having a restaurant at the music venue.

Sewell was in Las Vegas for the past 25 years and brought some of that fine cuisine back with him. The new restaurant's head chef and general manager worked for Wolfgang Puck and Bellagio's Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

Details from older remodels also make their appearance in the new restaurant.

Sewell said that he's just happy to be back.

"I missed the music, and I missed Rochester, and I missed my life's work which is Water Street so I came back to do it again," Sewell said. 

The concert side will open Sunday, October 27. Sewell said to expect all kinds of music, a new sound system, and moving lights.