Climb aboard and take a ride on the rails to check out Western New York's beautiful fall colors.

The Medina Railroad Museum is hosting its two-hour round-trip train ride from Medina to Lockport this month.

It's a great way to see all the beautiful colors of autumn on a vintage train.

"It is one of the oldest rail lines in the country,” said Brody George of the Medina Railroad Museum. “You get to go over the Erie Canal, and you get to just see all the different sights and things."

First-class and coach train tickets range from $18 to $36 and include admission to the museum.

"The freight house in Medina has been here since 1905,” he said. “It served until 1965. It became a furniture store, and in 1991 our founder, Marty Phelps, bought the station and turned it into the museum that it is today."

The fall train rides are scheduled for October 16 (Wednesday), 20 (Sunday), 26 (Saturday) and 27 (Sunday). More information and tickets are available here.