More than 100 drivers in Rochester were ticketed this week as part of a collaboration between New York State Police and the Department of Transportation.

"Operation Hard Hat" targets reckless and distracted drivers going through work zones. As part of the project, State Police Traffic Sergeants pose as construction workers, and call out to fellow troopers violations they saw, which ends in tickets or warnings.

State police from Troop E patrolled a number of highways during a three-day period and handed out plenty of tickets.

"It's not a sneaky or unethical way of doing things, it's a way of getting the word out to people that we're going to be in work zones to ensure the safety of these people," Mark O'Donnell, New York State Police added. "We want everyone on the roadways to be safe, but we also have to keep in mind that the people that work on the roadways, they need to get home to their families as well."

Operation Hard Hat was first tested in the Rochester area, but police say similar details will be occurring across the state.