Days after re-opening following months of flooding, Silk O’Loughlin’s was the site for a protest of the International Joint Commission’s Plan 2014 Saturday.

Repeal Plan 2014 started as just a Facebook group, but has evolved into an organized committee sporting a petition to repeal the IJC’s plan with roughly 20,000 signatures. The group held a protest to further their mission Saturday afternoon, drawing residents and business owners from the lakeshore and surrounding areas.

One of those business owners was Allison Mayer, who owns Mayer’s Marina in Webster. She says she only recently got the six-inches of water out of her building, and even held a protest sign with a piece of moldy drywall from her office.

Like nearly everyone there, she says Plan 2014 must be repealed, despite the IJC announcing Friday that lake levels were receding.

“Somebody needs to start listening to us. People who live near the water and on the water, and businesses are being threatened and are facing possible extinction,” Mayer said.

The IJC says their outflow has been at record-highs since June 13, and has has been dropping at about a centimeter a day since early August.