Some of your child's favorite shows may not be returning to downtown Rochester. 

Feld Entertainment said it has not reached an agreement with Pegula Sports Entertainment for any more events at the Blue Cross Arena through next year.

Some of Feld's shows include Disney on Ice, Monster Jam and Sesame Street Live!

The promoter hopes to bring those events back in 2021.

This follows news that the Jehovah's Witness convention that's held yearly is moving to Pennsylvania.

Pegula Sports and Entertainment owns the Amerks and manages the arena. The company says it remains open to working with Feld Entertainment to reach a "reasonable" agreement.

“I hope that there can be some kind of negotiation where they can find common ground," said Don Jeffries, President and CEO of Visit Rochester. "I understand the Pegula's are running a business, it's business and they have to do what they have to do to make it work."

Democratic nominees for Rochester City Council Northwest District Jose Peo and for Monroe County Legislator for the 21st District Rachel Barnhart want to know why the Pegula’s have decided to cancel such highly engaging events.

“Some specific questions that we have involve whether the Pegula’s are self-dealing because they do have interest in Buffalo, whether they are doing everything they can to make sure this facility is used and we also want to look at the revenue,” Barnhart said. 

Peo added, “As simple as that, it’s not a witch hunt by any means. We are just making sure that we are answering to the public and that’s our jobs as elected officials to make sure that we hold people accountable.”

The city of Rochester said the only cancellation they are sure of is the Jehovah's Witnesses convention.

“We have a management agreement with Pegula Sports and Entertainment and we don’t get in the middle of their negations," Department of Enviornmental Services Commissioner Norman Jones said. "Their terms and conditions of their agreement with individual users. So right now, we are operating with Pegula Sports and Entertainment group as businesses as usual and they are adhering to the terms of the contract and so are we.”