Mosquitoes love hot and wet summers⁠— a major issue for those living near lake flooded areas where the problem is magnified due to the large quantities of standing water.

“They just get in the house and there’s no way to keep them out,” Joe Burgio of Greece said.

Burgio lives right off Lake Ontario in Greece. He says it’s a battle every dusk.

“Soon as that sun goes down, you can actually here them flying in,” he added.

He says living next to the lake, mosquitoes are nothing new. But with flooding in his basement and standing water in his neighborhood, he’s seeing them in extreme quantities.

“There’s so many of them. It’s like they’re doubled or tripled," Burgio said. "There’s so many you can’t get away from it.”

Burgio says it’s frustrating having to fight them in his own home.

“I get a mosquito bite, it swells up like tomorrow, so I try to stay away from it," he said. "But it’s gotten to the point where some nights I have to wear bug repellent in my own house.”

Not to mention the health concerns.

“They breed and you hear everything that’s going on with them," Burgio said. "The diseases they could be carrying, and you get kind of worried."

While Burgio is planning to put up more mosquito netting and meet with an exterminator, he says it’s hard to fight such a small and numerous pest.

“The high water, the fear of losing your house, the mosquitoes," Burgio said. "It just adds on, adds on to the stress you’re already under.”