After facing an uncertain future, Henrietta's well-known fairy homes were welcomed to Mendon Ponds Park Saturday, with a dedication ceremony.

Walk down the Birdsong Fairy Trail and you might find yourself on a magical scavenger hunt. That’s because after many years at the Tinker Nature Park in Henrietta, fairies and their majestic-looking homes have relocated to Mendon Ponds Park.

“You really have to slow down, look, maybe turn around and look," said Fairy home creator Betsy Marshall, speaking of how the fairies vary in size.

And for Marshall, it couldn’t be a more perfect spot.

“It needed to be a magical place that really had fairies in it, and when you walk this trail, part of the trees scream 'fairies live here,'” Marshall said.

The Marshalls spent two and a half months setting up the 40 fairy homes, but good luck finding them all.

“They were able to put them in little nooks and crannies, so they’re going to be harder for children to find," said Monroe County Legislator Karla Boyce, who was involved with the relocation. "And isn’t that the magic about being a child?”

Despite this knowledge, some still tried to find the fairies. 

“We were able to see some brand new ones, and we’re always looking out for [them]," said parent of two Annette Maggi.

And that’s the real magic.

“It’s been exciting and fun to do because it really invites you to imagine the fairies live here,” Marshall said.