Many neighbors in Greece are voicing their concerns about plans for a new Tractor Supply store looking to move in to a vacant space on Latta Road.

The business wants to subdivide the 12-acre property near the intersection of Long Pond and Latta Road. It's adjacent to Abbott’s and homeowners in Clearwater Circle.

During a packed planning board meeting in May, many residents spoke in opposition and want the shop in a different location. While neighbors feel they live in a purely residential neighborhood, the town says commercial has always been the intention.

“That intersection has been intended to be a commercial hub for the town to provide services for its residents in this area,” said Scott Copey, acting director of development services for the town of Greece.

“We’re losing our residential area and that is what, when we bought this house, that was a big thing,” said Clearwater Circle resident Michelle Stundtner.

Discussions about the proposed project were expected to continue during Wednesday’s planning board meeting. However, developers have asked to push the agenda to August 7, giving them more time to layout sketches for the site.