We're still 18 months away from the 2020 congressional elections, but a Western New York Republican is officially entering the race for New York's 27th Congressional District —and he says he'll primary the incumbent if necessary. 

State Senator Chris Jacobs says he's planning to run for the congressional seat currently held by Republican Chris Collins. Jacobs is the former Erie County Clerk and was elected to the state senate in 2016.

Collins' seat is up for re-election next year— the same year he's set to go to trial on federal insider trading charges.

Jacobs says though he respects Collins, his constituents need someone who can fully serve their district. 

Collins hasn't decided if he's running yet, but he says, the district can do better.

"Unfortunately, due to the legal problems he is dealing with right now and will be dealing with through next year, he's not able to serve in committees right now," said ___. "He's done good things for the district in the past but I don't think he can moving forward."

"If there's anyone who doesn't fit the profile it's Chris Jacobs," Collins said. "He's the second most liberal Republican in the State Senate.  He's a never Trumper.  He is pro-abortion.  And I would say his resume does not suit NY-27."

Collins beat Democratic opponent and Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray by less than half a percentage point last year.

McMurray announced last last month he's planning to run again.