One of Rochester's young, up-and-coming artists made his debut at a special First Friday showing.

  • Up-and-coming artist Jaedan Booker makes debut
  • He began at the age of 4
  • Conveys emotion through his drawings

The Boys & Girls Club of Rochester continued their partnership with Imprintable Solutions, this month showcasing 11-year-old Jaedan Booker.

Jaedan's love for the arts began with music when he was just 4 years old.

"Singing, beat-boxing or whatnot and then all of a sudden he just picked up a pencil and started drawing," said his mother, Tia Tucker. "He started expressing himself, doing the facial features and things like that. Letting us know how he felt."

It was something that hadn't always come easy to Jaedan, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2.

"He doesn't always come right out and show you feelings, but through his artwork, when you start looking, you see a lot of the emotion he conveys through his drawings," said Andrea Young, the art director for the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester.

Jaedan is also a student at the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts.

"I see Jaedan drawing all the time," said Ben Koch, the director of Intermediate Education. "To see it come to life for a young student is great."

Jaedan says he wants to keep drawing "forever."

"How far he can go, who knows? But I'm going to be behind him every step of the way," said Tucker.

Jaedan's work will be displayed at Imprintable Solutions Monday through Friday until June.