Mother Nature may have pulled the greatest April Fool’s Day prank by bringing back a taste of winter, but that isn’t stopping local anglers from hitting the waterways.

Monday marked the start of trout season in New York State, and the Riedman Foundation celebrated with its annual derby. Powder Mills Park in Perinton will be packed with anglers this spring, all hoping to snag a fresh bite.

“We raise about 21,000 fish all year long throughout the hatchery. This past Friday we stocked 2,000 brown trout for the opener, so anyone that comes down has a great chance of catching a nice fish,” said Powder Mills Hatchery Manager Ron Mitchell.

The 16th annual Riedman Foundation Trout Derby benefits the park’s hatchery, and draws in quite the crowd.

“A lot of families fish it every year. It’s just become a tradition. It’s a great way for families and anyone who likes to fish to come out and have a great time,” Mitchell added.

One of those families was the Platts, who brought most of their clan.

“I’ve fished with my brother since we were kids. Now we get to do it with his nephews and my sons,” said Chip Platt of Greece. “It’s a great time. You know, it’s all about hanging out.”

Colin Humphrey, 6, of Scottsville ended up taking home the Bank of America Angler Award after catching the largest trout. It was 27 inches long and weighed 11 pounds.