A Monroe Avenue apartment building has been reduced to rubble after a massive fire Thursday night.

Crews demolished the home near Alliance Avenue overnight. Tenants tried to salvage what they could before the building was torn down completely.

"I ran to their front door and started pounding on their door and they looked at me like I was crazy,” said neighbor Kyra Ziegler. “I told them to get out of the house right now because their house was burning down. Thank god I got them out when I did cause the fire expanded really fast. It started shooting out of the windows. It was ... it was scary."

Newlyweds Kera and Adam Nugent, who were away on their honeymoon in Florida, lost everything in the blaze. 

Adam's brother, Mic Nugent says his family is devestated.

"I love him with all of my heart and to know that – he was so happy when he told me that he was going to propose to Kiera… From September to March is just unbelievable… My heart is broken for them," Nugent said. 

Because of how fast the fire was moving, firefighters said they were only able to search the first two floors before they had to evacuate.

A couple of explosions were heard early on, something crews said does not change their approach.

"There is no such thing as a normal house fire,” said Rochester Fire Department Captain Edward Kuppinger. “There are lots of things that people do legally that could cause that and there are things that people do illegally that could cause those things. So, we approach every fire as a danger zone and we approach those dangers individually.”

One firefighter suffered a burn to the ear and a cat died in the fire.

The Red Cross is helping with temporary housing for those displaced.

Crews are still working to determine the cause.

This three-alarm fire on Monroe Avenue comes on the heels the four-alarm fire just on Wednesday that happened just a few blocks away, and on the same road. Officials deemed that fire "suspicious" at the time.

Meantime, several fundraisers have been set up to help the newlywed couple: