Rochester Institute of Technology issued an apology Tuesday after a racist photograph was identified in a student-produced yearbook. 

A statement from RIT President David Munson said a number of offensive photos were removed from online versions of yearbooks, but are still in hard copy versions. This yearbook in question is from the 1970s. 

"These highly offensive photos, which appeared in an old student publication, should have been completely unacceptable back then," Munson said. "Today we condemn them in the strongest possible terms."

A discussion about racial issues on campus will take place Friday, February 22 at noon.

"It's kind of like an uproar. We're grateful that RIT did send out an email saying just 'hey, head's up,' but when we pretty much found out what it was, it's kind of a hard thing to cushion us for, so hopefully they do like follow up with us," said RIT student Caitlin Pope.