A family used social media to find and thank the good Samaritan who stepped in after a bad car crash on Friday night.

“I heard vroom, and then I said Oh my God, Oh my God, and that’s when everything happened,” said Rochester resident Jamie Brown.

Brown and her five-year-old son were heading back from her parent’s house Friday night, when a driver ran a stop sign at Dewey Avenue and Glenwood Avenue, striking her car in the intersection.

“There was a big bang, a lot of noise, smoke," Brown said. "And I was screaming, wondering if my son was okay.”

Cameron Simmons, 21, was on his way to work when he and his mother arrived at the accident, just moments later.

“It wasn’t like a car accident you see every day. It wasn’t a bumper or like a small accident," Simmons said. "A car was actually rolled over on its side, it was smoking. The car began to smoke a little bit.”

He ran over to see if everyone was okay, and heard Brown yelling for help and that her son was inside.

“The only thing that was going through my head was getting them out of the car," Simmons said. "There wasn’t even too many thoughts in that moment, except kick that glass and get them out of the car.”

He was able to kick a hole in the windshield for them to crawl through, and they were able to escape to safety.

“I just want to say thank you, and I appreciate everything you did. And it was amazing what you did," Brown said of Simmons. "You didn’t have to, but you did. So God Bless you, and thank you so much.”

Simmons says he is just glad everyone was okay.

“Thank God he’s not bleeding, because I know the situation could’ve not been that way, and I wouldn’t be telling you this story right here.” Simmons said.

But besides being thankful, Brown is asking everyone to be more careful. She was in another serious accident just the week before, involving a distracted driver.

“It seems there’s a lot of accidents on the news. I was laying down last night, and saw a ton of accidents," Brown said. "So I don’t know if it’s due to drinking or drugs or texting, but it needs to stop. People can get hurt really bad.”