The mother accused of decapitating her 7-year-old son has been ruled competent to stand trial, but her attorney says he's fighting that ruling.

Hanane Mouhib is accused murdering her son Abraham Cardenas at the family's home last April. Police say Mouhib reported her own mental health issues in the days leading up to the attack. 

Her attorney confirmed on Monday that he will present a psychiatric defense. Mouhib underwent an exam while in custody and was ruled fit to stand trial for the deadly attack.

"Depending on what their expert says, obviously we are entitled at that point to retain our own expert to either challenge the results or confirm the results and to have our own independent expert that could review the facts as the defense expert did," said Prosecutor Sara VanStrydonck. 

Mouhib will return to court in late April. Her trial is scheduled begin July 30.