The strong winds cause some power outages throughout our area, but nothing major. 

The whipping winds sent garbage totes flying around, and down wires and trees, but nothing too severe damage wise. At it's peak Monroe County saw more than 2,200 power outages. That number has been cut down, but continues to fluctuate as the day goes on.

One of the worst hit areas was Irondequoit. Ivan Green Primary School was out of power for part of the morning, but was able to use their backup generator.

More then 500 customers have been without power in Irondequoit at one point of the day. RG&E official say they have restored power to most customers, but Ron DiFrancesco has been without power since early friday morning. When the ground is soft huge trees in these wooded areas come down.

"Older neighborhood and a lot of old trees, this happens a lot around the Huntington hills area," DiFrancesco said. "Some of these trees are 100 years old. I did have some tree work done and removed this year to ty and combat that but you can’t win them all.” 

Other people have to work out in these windy conditions. It creates a challenging work environment for Pamela Segarra who is a GrubHub driver. Shes limiting her distance traveled to stay safe in these conditions. 

“The trucks rocking a bit," Segarra said. "Make sure whatever offers we accept today aren’t too far given power outages traffic lights out so that we don’t get jammed up and customers get there orders on time and safely. We’re all having fun today. I’d rather have the snow bands and the ice than the wind “ 

Several RG&E crews are on hand and many more that were on call have been brought in to help with damage from the wind storm.