Super Bowl LIII is a little more than two weeks away. For those heading to Atlanta, you may feel a little safer knowing that two members of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office will be there helping to provide security.   

Deputy Ryan Fisher and his partner, K-9 Lola, have been chosen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be part of the security team for the big game.

This is a first for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, with the officials there saying they are “super” proud. The two will touch down in Atlanta to help keep the Super Bowl safe and secure.

Lola, a 5-year-old German shepherd, is skilled at sniffing out explosives. In fact, she is a single-purpose Explosive Detection Canine working as part of the National Explosive Detection Canine Team.

Born and trained in Germany, Lola came to the U.S. to hone her bombing sniffing skills.

"She was trained at the Lackland Air Force base through TSA employees, most of them are prior K-9 handlers for the military," said Fisher.

‏A team for the past three years, Lola and Deputy Fisher will find out their specific assignments when they arrive in Atlanta.

"They could say, ‘Today you're gonna show up at the airport, tomorrow you're gonna show up at the stadium,’ or they could say, ‘We need you to go sweep players lockers’ or, ‘We need you to go sweep players hotel rooms because they're arriving today,’ stuff like that," said Fisher.

Fisher says he's excited to make the trip with his four-legged partner.

"She's reliable 100 percent of the time — she's a good dog," said Fisher.