On Wednesday, Lollypop Farm rescued seven potbellied pigs from a farm in Hamlin. Their owner had stopped making payments to the boarder, who was unable to care for them.

They join 23 others already housed at Lollypop's indoor barn.

Farm and Safety Manager Joanna Dychton says pigs are surrendered for various reasons, including misconceptions about the size of the animal.

"You look at the babies and they are so adorable and who wouldn't want them to stay that size? The reality is they end up being 80-180lbs," said Dychton.

She also says the animals might not be suited for a house or apartment, but they can make great barn pets.

"They have huge personalities and they are amazing creatures," said Dychton. "They are a ton of fun, they are all individual."

Anyone interested in adopting a pig from Lollypop can visit their website.

"We are certainly here if people are interested," said Dychton. "If they have acreage and they're zoned for farm animals, we do have lots of potbellied pigs that need love."