The firing of local weatherman Jeremy Kappell is now being talked about around the country as this story has seemingly taken on a life of its own, hitting the national stage.

It's a bit of a snowball effect, with this controversial and divisive decision by the Hubbard Broadcasting-owned News10NBC to give its meteorologist the boot.

The firing of Jeremy Kappell for his words is triggering plenty of talk, including on WHAM Radio's Bob Lonsberry show and other local radio broadcasts.

In just a couple of days, the reaction over the slip of a racial slur and/or the stumble of words — followed by the actions of News10NBC — are prompting a whirlwind of chatter on radio, television and online.

The hot-button issues including racism, media bias, censoring, abuse of political power, job security and more make for ideal clickbait.

Twitter is buzzing. The social media site is grabbing scrollers with headlines like this one from Newsweek: "New York Weatherman Fired After Using Racial Slur: ‘I Spoke Too Fast.’”

Similar news items are posted on news organizations' websites and social media accounts, including USA Today, People, The Daily Beast, CNN, The Associated Press, Fox News, Huffington Post and CBS News.

#JeremyKappell is quickly trending, and memes are popping up as thousands take to their devices.

Some people are even buying t-shirts online, and thousands more are signing a petition in support of Kappell.

"Isn't brotherhood, cultural competency and pretty much everything a two-way street? Isn't it?" said Bob Lonsberry on this topic on his radio show.

You almost can't avoid it. The weatherman now becomes the news. The hope? This divisive talk and publicity can head in a meaningful direction.