A new statue of Frederick Douglass now stands at the corner of Tracy and Alexander Streets in Rochester replacing the installation that was vandalized earlier this week.

"One goes down, 10 come back,” said Carvin Eison of the Re-Energizing the Legacy of Frederick Douglass Project. "The fact that everyone is here right now shows that Rochester, New York and our community is not going to tolerate the desecration of one of our citizens."

Dozens of community members and politicians gathered for the event along with students who say they've studied the famed abolitionist and know him well.

"He knew Susan B. Anthony and I just thought that was really cool. They worked together and they were both big activists," said sixth-grader Graycie Peltz.



Other students read one of Douglass' letters addressing what he called issues of racial injustice at his daughter's school.

St. John Fisher College President, Dr. Gerard Rooney released a statement after two of the college's students were arrested for allegedly vandalizing the installation but felt it necessary to join everyone at the ceremony.

"We as a campus community will earn the respect of the Rochester community to restore the reputation of St. John Fisher College and to renew our commitment to this great community in honoring the legacy of Frederick Douglass,” said Dr. Rooney.

Many in attendance agreed that the situation was sad but resulted in a teachable moment.

"Only three days later, we are moving through that negative action, placing Douglass back in public view in this historically significant site,” said Bleu Cease, of the Re-Energizing the Legacy of Frederik Douglass Project.

The hope is that the new statue will stand tall for years to come.