Monroe Community College faculty presented the results of a recent no confidence vote regarding college president Anne Kress to the school’s Board of Trustees.

The vote comes after many years of concern, said Amanda Colosimio, faculty senate president.

“I want to make it clear that both Bethany and I have tried for a long time to resolve many of these issues internally,” she said.

“Employees at MCC do not have confidence in President Kress,” stated Monroe Community College Faculty Association President Bethany Gizzi. 

Gizzi represents the employees who believe the no-confidence vote was not an easy decision, but the executive leadership’s plans don’t coincide with employee’s needs, nor do they feel they are they being heard.

“The Board of Trustees has not shown very much regard for the perspective and the opinions of their own employees,” Gizzi said.

After a brief discussion about the results of the no-confidence vote on Kress, in which 88-percent of the voters said they did not support her, faculty, staff and retirees voiced their opinions during a board meeting Monday evening.

Kress also defended herself again, listing the accomplishments made throughout her tenure.

“Even though both MCC’s funding and enrollment have declined, our college has accomplished all of this, while maintaining one of SUNY’s lowest community colleges tuition,” she said. “At this point we are fifth lowest of the 30 SUNY community colleges in 2018.”

Towards the end of public comment, one board member walked out. There was added tension when time was called when those who voted against Kress shouted slurs to the board because many of the registered speakers did not get the chance to voice their concern.

Faculty representatives said the votes presented to the board are to bring awareness and possibly a change in leadership.