Anne Kress, the president of Monroe Community College, is speaking out about the faculty and staff’s vote of no-confidence against her.

"This is a very disappointing turn of events, but I would be dishonest if I said it was surprising. We are in the midst of faculty negotiations. The Faculty Association declared impasse in our negotiations in July. From that moment forward, their messaging really was around the idea of no contract and no confidence," she said.

Kress says 60 percent of faculty and staff voted. Of those, 88 percent voted in favor of the no-confidence resolution.

Kress, who has been the president of MCC for nine years, believes the no-confidence vote was triggered by the fact that the faculty has no contract. Negotiations are at an impasse, and a mediator is working to bring the two sides together.

The Faculty Association and Faculty Senate issued a 68-point list of complaints and concerns. Kress says data proves many of them have no merit. 

Students who spoke with Spectrum News say they’re unfazed by the turmoil at the top — in fact, they haven’t even heard about it. 

"I haven’t heard about that and I haven’t heard anyone else talk about that," said student John Hightower, of Rochester.

"It is sad I think, doubly, because MCC is an extraordinary institution by any metric that you want to use,” said Kress.

When asked if she would consider stepping down, Kress answered, "No, it has never crossed my mind to resign."

She also says she is honored to lead the college she is so proud of.

"I can’t say often enough how wonderful an institution MCC is and how important our faculty and all of our employees are," said Kress.

The next board of trustees meeting will be held December 3.