Two women were sentenced to probation and jail time for the death of a woman in a group home. 

Sarah DiLallo pleaded guilty in April to criminally negligent homicide and will be on probation for five years.

Sandra Abdo pleaded guilty to manslaughter and endangering the welfare of an incompetent person in August and received a maximum sentence of one to three years in prison.

Heather Roselli, 35, was a special needs woman who lived in a group home in Webster. On Wednesday, her father, Keith Parks, described her as a “loving, caring individual that would just buy you a gift.”

DiLallo and Abdo worked at the group home where Roselli lived and failed to follow restraining orders when they got into an altercation with Roselli when she wanted to call her dad on Father’s Day 2017. They reportedly slammed her to the ground, escalating a verbal fight to a physical incident.

Roselli later died from her injuries at a hospital.

“What made this so egregious, she was restrained on her stomach, which is patently, you never, ever, ever do that, and there was weight applied to her torso while she was down on her stomach,” said prosecutor Leslie Schildt.

Members of the Center for Disability Rights didn't know Roselli personally but wanted to be there to support the family.

"I'm hoping that just the situation itself, people will think twice before they make actions and decide for other people what is appropriate,” said the center’s Erika Jones.

Roselli’s family said they're glad justice has been served but the pain will linger. They're hoping that Heather's life and death can help others who cannot speak for themselves.