Monroe County Board of Elections says there was an error with ballots at a polling place on Rochester’s east side.

The Rochester Academy of Medicine is a polling place for both 136 and 138 Assembly districts.

About an hour hand a half into the voting, staff began to hand out wrong ballots to voters in the 136th district. A total of 27 voters between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. could not vote for the 136th District seat, currently occupied by Joe Morelle, who’s now running to replace the late Rep. Louise Slaughter in Congress.

Thomas Ferrarese, the Monroe County Elections Commissioner, said those voters will not have the opportunity to cast replacement ballots unless the results are very close.

Two of the candidates have responded to ballot snafu: Todd Grady called it unacceptable and Jaclyn Richard earlier said it was an unfortunate mistake. Jamie Romeo is also running in to replace Morelle.