Literacy today means more than just knowing how to read.

That's why Literacy Volunteers is partnering with Charter Communications to bridge the digital divide.  They are expanding digital literacy services by bringing Spectrum Mobile Learning Labs to five Rochester area libraries. Volunteers, or navigators as they're being called, will work with those in need to help them navigate computers and the web.  The executive director of Literacy Volunteers say libraries are the perfect spot because they're kept up with the changes in technology.

“The literacy challenges are a little bit more complex because where in the past we would utilize the library and the books that were here and folks could do that and tutors could work with them,” said Bob Mahar with Literacy Volunteers. “Here it's things like broadband and the actual equipment and computers which is why libraries are so helpful and also why it's a great site for our program because much of the equipment and broadband access is already here.

"The digital divide in our society and in our country is truly real. And the people here today are doing something about it,” said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. “We cannot become a nation of those whose access to information and those who do not have information or do not have access to information gets worse."

Charter will provide $50,000 toward the effort. It’ll help Literacy Volunteers add staff and hours.

Charter is the parent company of Spectrum News.