Conditions around the Rochester area due to the weekend’s ice storm weren’t as bad as was expected, but along the lake, things were a different story.

Along the lakeshore in Greece, waves could be seen crashing over the breakwalls and huge chucks of ice whipping from trees causing branches to break off.

“Let’s put it this way, last night and this morning, there was probably about an inch of ice all over the face of the house,” said Tim Ekiert, Greece resident.

Jim Buckpitt, another Greece resident, says he’s burned out after spending seven months working on protecting their home from these storms.

“We lost close to $125,000 last year. We spent $80,000 on a breakwall that’s still not complete. We’ve got a whole summer of work ahead of us to try and fix up the yard and the house that’s been damaged,” added Buckpitt.

Residents say the storm was nothing in comparison to last year’s.

“This is nothing compared to the other two we had, but we enjoy living down here. We’ve got the lake to swim in, I bring my grandchildren down and my kids grew up here,” added Ekiert.

“We’ve seen bigger waves this year early already, so neighborhoods have been told we’re going to have a repeat of last year and I don’t know how people are going to live here anymore unless they change the legislation and put the lake level back where it used to be,” added Buckpitt.