IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. -- The Imaginarium at Irondequoit’s I-Square, now open, is part public space and part alternative energy museum. Owner Mike Nolan says the wind turbines, solar panels, and other forms of clean energy generation here make the building an emission-free, 100 percent energy independent, net-zero energy building.

Nolan hopes people having lunch next door at I-Square’s market or from around the community will stop in to learn more about sustainable practices and how they can implement them at home.

“Showcasing these in an environment that’s attractive to all ages, that’s going to be patronized by all ages, really gives us a way to invite you in, to have a drink or food or this, but we’re going to immerse you with a little bit of education along the way," Nolan said.

Part of the learning experience includes virtual reality expeditions on topics like solar panels and green business, and if you squeeze in an eco-friendly workout, you can pedal away and generate power for the building. Nolan says there are plans to offer a fitness membership that decreases in cost if you generate more power.