ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A gathering of creative minds this weeken- and some pretty impressive displays to boot.

It was the 4th annual Mini Maker Faire in downtown Rochester.

One of those creations — a giant dragon outside of the Riverside Convention Center on East Main Street. And yes, it breathes fire. A group brought the 19-foot tall monster from Toronto. 

Organizers say it's a way for local "makers" to show their hobbies, experiments, and projects.

"You'll see video games developed here in Rochester, a en eleven year old roboticist," said Dan Schneiderman, Co-Chair, Rochester Mini Maker Faire. "You'll see power tool racing; everything from a couch that can drive, sewing, sodering, and even this guy back here, a 19 foot tall, 30 foot long fire breathing dragon!"

The event featured more than 100 other exhibits to see.