PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- A Rochester area business has become the first of its kind in New York. 

Drip House, located in Pittsford, is the only sweat lodge in the state. The local dripping shop was designed based off a popular heating therapy concept out of California. The innovative shop uses inferred heat and technology to make customers sweat.

“It kind of tricks your body into knowing that you`re in a sauna so the heat is sustainable. You can stay in it for a longer period of time and it kind of heats you up from the inside out,” said Malissa Lougher, co-owner.

“It`s like a hard workout. So at the end of the time—the first 30 minutes is pretty easy—after 45 minutes you start to feel it and by the hour you`re soaked,” said Paul DiMarco, of Fairport. 

Customers are wrapped in special blankets and clothing during their 60-minute sweat session. 

“You actually have this burst of energy when you`re done with the drip, which is amazing and you just feel like you`re ready to take on the glow of your skin, said customer Christi Joseph. “You don’t need as much make up. It feels like a workout but your body isn’t tired like a workout.” 

Drip House reps say each drip session helps relieve stress, contributes to weight loss and lessens muscle pain.