The Chinese Lunar New Year might be a few weeks away, but a local casino is starting their festival early.

Resorts World Casino is hosting a month-long celebration.

The two-floor Red Wall Art Gallery celebrates calligraphy and art, courtesy of the North American Chinese Calligraphy Association.

The display in the front entrance features traditional dragons and lanterns and pays homage to the upcoming Year of the Rooster.

The director of Asian marketing says these celebrations are a good way to teach others a new custom.

"I think the world has opened so much, so everyone has their own culture, especially in Queens, where there are so many different cultures here. More understanding of each culture, I think, would be good for the world," Director of Asian Marketing Christopher Tsou said.

Resorts World will be holding a calligraphy demonstration on January 28. They will also give away a traditional spring scroll.