NEW YORK - On top work, family, finance, and other things that stress you out, experts now say the U.S. Presidential election is causing Americans to go a little crazy.

A recent survey by the American Psychological Association showed 52 percent of adults identify the election as a significant source of stress.

"I do find myself tossing and turning thinking about both sides especially after these debates.  It's a little nerve-wracking, especially because these debates are kind of late at night and I do lose a little sleep over it," said one New Yorker.

"Enough is enough. Let's just do it and get it over with," said another New Yorker. 

When it gets to be too much, experts recommend taking frequent breaks from election news, and dedicating more time to enjoyable activities.

"There's a point where if I become angry, if I become bitter, if I become resentful, if I start acting out in my own head, then that's not gonna serve me. It's gonna get played out in my relationships, it's gonna get played out at work, it's gonna get played out in the community in one form or another, and it's not worth it," said Ryan Community Health Network Director of Social Services Jose Rodriguez.

Results are similar across party lines, but those who regularly use social media are more likely to experience election-related anxiety.