PENFIELD, N.Y. -- Raising sixteen kids would be a challenge for any parent, but for Barry Jencik, the bigger the family, the better.  

"We were kind of in a position where we could help kids that didn't have families," said Jencik. "So we said to agencies, 'if you have kids that you're having difficulty placing, call us.'" 

Two of Jencik's children, 5-year-old Weston Jencik and his 4-year-old brother Caulder, both have cerebral palsy and other medical complications. Weston uses a wheelchair and electronic communication device.

Now, the Dream Factory, a local volunteer organization that fulfills dreams for children with critical or chronic illnesses, is doing its part for this family. Volunteers from the non-profit are constructing a unique, wheelchair accessible playground. It's equipped with a ramp, bridge, and two slides that allow the kids to venture out onto for the first time.  

"We were able to put together something that is going to grow with the kids and last them a long time and be accessible to all of them," said Laura Walitsky of Dream Factory Rochester.

All this to make a big family's dreams, and horizons, seem a little bit closer.