At Book1One in Rochester, the staff is hard at work. 

The company is printing a three-book anthology called "Australia Burns Show Australia Some Love.” The Wild Rose Press published the book but asked book1one to help print them.

"The sales are just starting to kick in, but in a month we should be able to see if it's made some progress," said Rhonda Penders, president of The Wild Rose Press. 

The books have a series of short stories. All proceeds will go towards helping with the devastation from the wildfires in Australia. Stephen B. King is an author in Australia who came up with the idea for the project. He says many authors pitched in to help. 

"And it was an incredible sense of camaraderie and just the sense of people wanting to do something to help was just breathtaking awesome. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life," said King. 

Peter Pape, the owner of Book1One, says his company was happy to help the cause.

"This was very special because first of all, Australia, when you look at it, is probably one of our best partners in the world. Ok, they've always been there when we've had times of needs, so it's really easy to step up for them," said Pape. 

King knows the cleanup process in Australia will be a long one but is proud of the efforts made to help.

"Individually and as a group, it was absolutely remarkable to get this project up and running and published within four weeks is unheard of in this industry," said King. 

Publishers say the proceeds from the next year will go towards the project.