REACH Advocacy is looking for volunteers ahead of the winter months in Rochester.

The organization moved into a new space on 720 West Main Street to better serve people in need.

“We're privileged to be here and we're very thankful to the Coptic Christian community for allowing us to be here,” said Reverend Dr. Peter W. Peters, the Co-Chair for REACH Advocacy.

Although REACH Advocacy has a new building this year, the mission remains the same.

“Rochester winters are kind of tough if you don't have somewhere to sleep and we work on a basis on a something called Housing First, we think homeless people are better able to deal with their concerns, if they have somewhere to sleep,” Dr. Peters said.

REACH is still getting things organized in the new house, which is adjacent to the Saints Peter and Paul Church, before it opens for the winter.

The group is seeking volunteers to help with setting up and the day-to-day operations.

“This year, because we got more room we're hoping to have people come in and do social work with social engagement with our guests with some form of entertainment some form of art work some form of reflection, some form of creativity,” said Dr. Peters.

The number of people the home will serve will remain around 30 people per night, but that could increase by 10 people on really cold nights.

“A lot of our staff are learning on the job, we have most of our staffing is done by formerly homeless individuals are now housed and given back to the community,” said Andy Carey.

During the winter months, the shelter serves upwards of 180 people.

"Usually people that are unable to stay at other shelters come to us, we're very low barrier shelter, we offer social work services, housing services, medical, mental health, addiction," Carey said.

“REACH is also more than just a shelter, REACH is a voice for those who are housing deprived,” Peters said.

REACH organizers are still looking for more volunteers and donations to help keep the house running through the winter.

The new facility is scheduled to open the week of Thanksgiving.