After winning the state title in November, the Aquinas Institute Football team now has some championship bling.

This year's rings feature eight garnet stones for the eight state championships in school history. 

The team's motto "it's not how big you are, it's how big you play," and a coach says he had been designing the rings since before the championship game. 

Two team captains say there's nothing like winning a ring.

"I wanted to just celebrate with my teammates," said Nick Annechino, Aquinas senior. "It's been such a long season. I went to go find my dad because he was the head coach. So, I wanted to celebrate with him too, give him a hug and let him know we did it."

"It's the perfect way to end, honestly," said Ricky Todd, Aquinas senior. "There's no better way to end than with the championship, the ring, with this group of guys. There's just no better way to end. It's like a dream, honestly."

Aquinas defeated New Rochelle 21 to 14 in Syracuse to secure its place as state champions.