Rochester-area mental health professionals are joining together following the death of Daniel Prude, marching to advocate for better mental health care.

Dozens gathered at the Genesee Valley Park to call for a change. The protesters met at Stewart Street and walked to Strong Memorial Hospital. There, they wrote chalk messages before going to the park.

Many who saw the video of Daniel Prude say that mental health workers could’ve worked with him to deescalate the situation.

"What happened with Daniel Prude is he was experiencing a mental health crisis and we as mental health professionals were not available to him,” said licensed Mental Health Therapist Jaime Mahler. “There is no team in this area. There is no immediate response team.”

In response to Prude’s death, there is a push to create a bill called Daniel’s Law. he bill would create a mental health task force that would assist individuals dealing with mental health issues. 

Those at the demonstration believe if mental health workers were able to assist on the call with Daniel Prude, he would still be alive.