PERINTON, N.Y. — Sometimes everyday people can inspire others, even when they're just doing their jobs.

Spectrum News spoke with one such "Everyday Hero" in Perinton.

In Sean O'Donnell's classroom, a guy who helps people — teaches students how to help people.

Sean's a paramedic who shares what he knows with students at Eastern Monroe Career Center. They're working to become first responders.

"So it's like a double positive, right? I get to practice on the road as a paramedic and interact with people who are in the deepest crises of their life. But I get to help students learn to do the same thing," said O'Donnell.

When Monroe BOCES sees Sean at the front of their classroom, they see a unicorn. An experienced professional with field experience who also has special education training.

Students like Austin Bowlin, who got his EMT certification thanks to Sean's lessons. 

"He's just willing to help other people. Both in the sense of in the classroom, as well as in his job as a paramedic," said Bowlin.

"He was really unique in that sense. Typically you get one or the other. We get both with Sean," said Barry Tierney of the Eastern Monroe Career Center.

"I have ridden with him as a student. It's a great experience to have your teacher in the field with you. And he's willing to do that for every student that he has," said EMT Josh Seguin.

That includes giving up Saturdays to students in need of sharpening their first responder skills. He says it comes with growing up with a teaching Mom and answering the call for AMR.

"So I think both of things are just engrained in my DNA," O'Donnell said.

"He's always at the front of the line. For sure. Hero," said Tierney.