Rochester will be the place to be to experience "the fringe'.

The 12-day Key Bank Rochester Fringe Festival begins next Tuesday. It includes a wide-range of performances.

Nox Cocktail Lounge in the Village Gate hosted a preview of the ambitious event. Nox is a first-time Fringe Festival venue and is hosting 24 performances.

"It is very exciting. We have been looking forward to this for a long time,” said Nox owner Aaron Metras.”This is one of the most exciting festivals in Rochester and we are happy to be a part of it. This is a great spot and it is a happening part of town and for Fringe as well."

The Fringe Festival has all kinds of visual and performance arts scheduled. There’s comedy, literature, music, poetry and more.

"Circus of Dreams,” from the Main Street Players, is a musical performance by kids ages 8-12.

"It is so amazing. They have so many programs for kids, adults and we are thrilled to be a part of a community that does this for us,” said Terry Fyke, the program’s creative director. “We enjoy working the kids. It is going to be a wonderful time."

Keith Moore is the owner of Mooreland Productions. He has an interactive murder-mystery at the Fringe Festival called "You Know the Old Slaying.”

"Our actors go out into the audience and really interact with everyone who is here,” he said. “It is a super fun awesome show."

There are 575 performances and events happening at 25 different venues.  The festival has 150 free shows.

Siena Faccilo and Chris Palace are University of Rochester grads. They now live and work in Rochester and are performing at the Fringe Fest.

"We are singing and we are so excited to be here,” Faccilo said. "This is my dream to play at the Fringe so we are really, really happy. I call my music soul folk music so it is folk-based and soul- inspired."

The Rochester Fringe Festival begins Tuesday, September 10 and continues until the 21.