ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It is one thing to go to school to learn, but for students at Northeast College High School, it's even better to contribute to new ways of learning for all.

Northeast students presented their newly-built outdoor classroom, a bathroom painting project that brings awareness around mental health supports and a pilot program for assessing the climate of the classroom.

School officials say they were approached by students earlier in the year with an idea of expanding and improving the school environment by using nature.

"During the summer the building gets really hot because we do not have any air conditioning," 10th grader Nicole Tanco said. "Obviously when it’s really hot in the building kids tend to get overwhelmed or irritated more easily. At least out here the breeze will hit you. It’s more calming and it’s just a better environment to be learning in."

"It’s not about global history," Northeast College High School Principal Dave Passero said. "[It's not] about living environment or biology. It's about relationships and when the students see you will actually act on what they ask and show them that we are here for you. That creates a whole different dynamic with student and staff relationship and that’s what this is about is actually listening to student voice."

Rochester Education Foundation and Reliant Credit Union all contributed to the students' projects this spring.