PITTSFORD, N.Y. — The superintendent of the Pittsford Central School District is apologizing after a worksheet came to light used in teaching fourth graders about slavery.

Superintendent Michael Pero says the worksheet exercise for students in January painted an inaccurate and insensitive portrayal of slavery during colonial times.

The worksheet claimed that slaves from Africa agreed to work for colonists in exchange for passage to America before being held against their will.

Pero says he was notified of the lesson Tuesday by a parent and apologized to that person and all parents of students who took that lesson.

Spectrum News is told a first year teacher that used the worksheet is being spoken with and that lesson will be re-taught. Spectrum News is told the worksheet came from Classroom Nook, an online teaching resource that Spectrum News is told is not approved by the district.

The superintendent went on to say in part that "this situation reinforces the significance and importance of working with our staff with regard to high quality resources, ongoing professional development and culturally responsive-sustaining educational practices. This is something we take seriously..."