Nazareth Elementary School returned to full-time in-person learning Wednesday with some new safety measures in place.

Glass has been set up between the students’ desks, along with tape trails to guide social distancing.

Students’ temperatures will also be taken at the door and they have to wear their mask all day long.

Hand sanitizing stations have been set up throughout the schools and cleaning measures have been increased.

Nazareth’s principal, Sr. Margaret Mancuso, says another thing is they have working in their favor is the small class sizes in large classrooms.

"This is one of the times that being a small school is to our advantage," said Mancuso, "We are able to accomodate all of our students. We have very large size classrooms and being out six months, there's a big gap in learning in person. So we're able to do it. We don't have to do hybrid. We can bring them all in safely."

Mancuso says half of all the classes started Wednesday and the other half will go in Thursday to give teachers and students some practice the new protocols before bringing everyone together.