The Rochester City School District cut short its first back to school parent online session after it was "Zoom bombed."

The Zoom bombing consisted of lewd and racist drawings and the use of racist language in the comment section.

Superintendent Dr. Lesli Myers-Small was presenting the overview of the city's remote learning plan on Saturday when she was alerted that they had to shut down.

"I appreciate everyone taking their time but I am seeing in the chat very disturbing things. We will have to reschedule this and we will move forward. I apologize greatly and am very sorry," said Myers-Small. 

Myers-Small issued a full statement on Saturday:

"The Rochester City School District attempted to hold a Family Forum to explain their re-opening plan earlier today. Unfortunately, we had to stop the forum due to unsavory characters “zoom-bombing” the informational meeting. 

We apologize for this unfortunate incident, which involved the exposure of racial epithets and other graffiti on the screen. The Rochester City School District condemns such behavior and will work to make sure the upcoming Forums are different in format as to make sure this unfortunate incident does not happen again. 

Families are encouraged to go to the following link for some the information that was going to be shared about our reopening plans.


We will be send more information about future meetings in the coming days."

This all happened just 15 minutes into the session.

Spectrum News has reached out to the district to ask what specific changes they'll make to prevent this from happening again.

We'll keep you updated on when it plans to reschedule.

Meanwhile, another online forum is set for Tuesday.