Summer fun activities may be different this year due to COVID-19, but that is not stopping the hardworking and dedicated participants of Camp Abilities Brockport.

The week-long developmental sports camp, for children and teens with visual impairments, will be for the first time starting on June 28. Camp Abilities Director Lauren Lieberman says the safety measure was in everyone’s best interest but she knows the importance of keeping the program going strong.

What You Need To Know

  • Camp Abilities Brockport will hold a week-long virtual developmental sports program starting on June 28
  • Each camper will receive a package of sports items, instructional videos, and guidance from the staff
  • There are currently 25 campers signed up with room for more

“Camp Abilities allows the kids the opportunity to learn self-advocacy through sports. I decided to get our funders behind us,” said Lieberman, “get the kids the equipment in their hands so that we could bring them a virtual camp on Zoom with their friends and specialists…”

Each virtual camper receives a package known as ‘Camp Abilities in a Bag.’ A variety of sports items are included. Instructional videos and guidance will be provided by trained staff.

“We sent all the kids bell soccer balls,” said Lieberman, “bell basketballs, guide wires and tethers and shot puts and discuses. The coolest thing is a soccer trainer. You tie it around your waist and then you tie it around whatever ball you are using. You can kick it, or dribble it and if it rolls away it comes right back. They [the campers] will be able to do the descriptive instructions with the support of our coaches and specialists.”

Lieberman says 25 campers are signed up and there is opportunity and space for more.

“It’s been 25 years of this journey of just figuring it out,” she said, “and making sure that the kids know that they can excel and be elite athletes…”