Turmoil continues at the College at Brockport as the college's diversity recruitment and retention specialist has resigned.

Dr. Sandra Vazquez submitted her resignation letter weeks after the controversial firing of Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Cephas Archie, as well as a college employee filing a complaint against the college with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging discrimination on the basis of race.

Spectrum News spoke to students on campus that said they are disturbed that all of the people fighting for them are being taken away, and without Dr. Archie and Dr. Vazquez, they're asking the question: "who else is here for us?”

"I don't see as much of a diverse population both student wise and even life staffing of what I believe like America to represent, and we don't get to see that here," said Hailey Stahlnan, a College at Brockport Student.

"Not enough teachers understand what it's like coming from a different community, and then being around all of these people that don't look like me, so it's kind of uncomfortable talking to them about certain situations and how I feel, because I feel like they won't understand me," said Massandje Fofana, another student at the college.

Students protested the firing of Archie. The college released the following statement regarding Vasquez’s resignation:

"Our commitment to building a better Brockport is unwavering – and that includes efforts we have taken to diversify our faculty and staff."

"We chose to create this position which Dr. Vasquez filled to add to our Human Resources team in December, as our students deserve to see themselves represented in those who teach and support them."

"That work will continue to move forward and we will engage the entire college community to help accomplish it."

The college went on to thank Dr. Vasquez for her service.